PacificMiner OWNER posted Wed at 14:08
I am officially going to be quitting Minecraft, and Enjin for good. You may be wondering why, after all this long development.. Well, I am in one of my last years of school and my future really depends on how I perform now, and I've been way too busy in real life to even care about the server for a while.
I apologise for everything, and my inactivity, but I just simply can't do this anymore. I understand if most of you will be upset, but I have to think about myself in this case, and I feel that this is the only way.

Mineraze WILL close unless someone else wish to take up the mantle as Owner.
You can feel free to Email me on Enjin, I will be checking up on them for the next few days, before I go for good.

Thank you for the great times, it has been a very fun and great experience.

PS* If I find no suitable owner, all the donations from pre-order ranks will be refunded
CHAMPion_0 I will be willing to take your place as owner sir